2016-01-10 An updated version of the album cover for our upcoming album "...en doodenakkers tot den horizon". Cover illustration and design by Tim Blom. Illustration for the new album A live clip for the song "Zielenstrijd" which will be on our upcoming album:


Originally formed in 1997, Fenris has a long history of combining thunderous viking metal with scorching black/death metal. At times blindingly fast, sometimes atmospheric, but always melodic and dynamic. With strong roots in Nordic and Germanic mythology, and some of the lyrics in their mother tongue, the mood set is that of ancient people, their hopes and beliefs and their wars and hardships. To date, two albums have been released: 'Offerings to the Hunger' (2001) and 'Ordeal' (2005), the last of which was an unsigned release.

Fenris is (from left to right): Rick - drums, Bas - guitars, Gilbert - vocals, Chris - bass, Joris - guitars
Bandfoto Fenris 2014

Fenris - The Blood Opens Gateways

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